voyage to the stars

Louis Vuitton flexed its celebrity prowess when numerous A-listers popped by for its travelling exhibition. Seen were Gong Yoo, Lee Seo Jin, Cha Seung Won, Seol Hyun, Bae Doo Na, Han Hyo Joo and many more. A surprise guest was Taiwanese actress, Annie Chen. It’s all up to personal taste but I think Seol Hyun and Claudia Kim had the best outfits. Gah. I hate Gong Yoo’s pants but he looked yummy waist up. Lee Seo Jin was in an ajusshi shirt but Lee Seo Jin is Lee Seo Jin…so I still love him. Cha Seung Won totally rocked his sleek getup… I want his leather jacket now!!! I also covet Lee Yeon Hee’s studded boots…love.

photo credits as stated