a life time love releases pretty trailer

I rarely post about Chinese dramas but upcoming A Life Time Love (adapted from Tong Hua’s Once Promised ) starring Victoria Song and Huang Xiao Ming looks pretty good based on its trailer. The thing about these fantasy-themed Chinese dramas – the overload of mythical creatures and CGI is too much for my sanity.

Victoria is gorgeous here, totally in her element, all ethereal and restrained elegance. I’ve never been fond of Huang Xiao Ming and his smirk but here is, smirk and all. But in the greater scheme of things, this drama looks watchable though a tragic ending is pretty much guaranteed if it does not deviate from the novel.

In short, Victoria is a princess from a kingdom who falls for a warrior (Huang Xiao Ming) staunchly loyal to another kingdom but is forced to marry a prince from yet another kingdom. Her father has plans to invade her lover boy’s kingdom while her princely hubby is determined to rule all kingdoms. Yup, not difficult to imagine where all the angst is coming from and heading to.