fan the wind with fendi

Ko So Young, Han Ye Seul, Suzy and Irene had to fend off windy conditions when they attended a Fendi event earlier today. Han Ye Seul’s outfit was perfect – both in fashion and for the weather – with her gloriously graphic midi skirt, plain snug sweater and embellished boots. Plus, she totally rocked the bob. Poor Suzy was overcome by the breeze, which ruffled her skirt and her hair extensions. Her hair stylist should take a leaf from whoever is doing Han Ye Seul’s and Shin Min Ah’s chic bobs. Ko So Young mastered her own flippy bob despite the wind, and her sandals added a playful twist to her otherwise solemn getup. Irene looked a little out of place with her whimsical frock but at least it matched her hair.

photo credits as stated