siege in fog

If you grew up watching tempestuous Qiong Yao dramas like I did, Chinese drama Siege of Fog (also known as Colour Of Night or If Time Stopped The Moment We Met) with its toxic combination of crazy obsession, mutual slapping, tortured longing, hidden yearning and forced kisses passing off as love is nothing new. I believe I did post about this drama eons ago but apparently, it is finally going to be shown the later part of this month. The OTP is very pretty and has chemistry – played by Chinese actors Sun Yi and Elvis Han Dong Jun. I haven’t watched their previous works but they seem deliciously intense here, which fits the drama’s central romance – if you wanna deem it such. When I watched the extended trailer, I actually felt nostalgic since it does remind of Mandarin dramas of yore where happy endings were few and far between, and everyone went seriously nuts when they were in love.

But there’s the scene at 5:29 when the male lead, Lian Kai, while struggling to kiss the female lead, Qing Sang, yells that she shouldn’t expect any tenderness from him since she never loved him. She screams back that he has never ever loved her and he shouts back rawly, “I have! I have!” And she is stunned, seeing that he actually means what he say. Okay…not the best time to declare any kind of love, but these are the kinda of scenes that are hallmarks of the old Taiwanese or Chinese dramas, and made them so bizarrely addictive. There is always this painful poignancy to these sort of storylines that somehow draws the viewers in.

The trailer below is English-subbed. Just hit the key!!

The non-subbed version is a lot clearer and you can see how prettily the drama was filmed.