save me holds script reading

Loads of nice pictures. I didn’t know Save Me boasted such a solid supporting cast and I’m getting excited for this drama since the cast themselves seem to be enthralled by the storyline. I’ve been stuck on OCN over the past couple of months or so, with My Secret Romance, and now Duel. Save Me will probably ensure I’ll be firmly entrenched with the cable channel for the later part of the year, too.

Now to the superficial. Taecyeon in a fitting shirt and his fringe swept off his face is one of my favourite kinds of Taceyeon. This should be his last project before he enlists into the military and it’s a smart choice if he manages to pull off the role. Seo Ye Ji is the mysterious woman who needs the saving but we all don’t know why her survival – or non-survival – is so critical to the plot.