summer sweet

Yoona gears up for summer in shorts, off-shoulder top and sandals. I guess these floppy, frilly striped tops are set to stay at least for a while. She looks like she is in the middle of some shoot and well, I do hope MBC will start ramping up promotion for The King Loves. I’m actually quite surprised myself how excited I am for this drama since I’m not a super fan of Im Si Wan. But Yoona has been picking pretty good domestic projects over the last few years so I’m trusting her judgement again this time. I thought The K2 was a win since I enjoyed it immensely and got me appreciating Ji Chang Wook a little more. She had fabulous chemistry with Lee Beom Soo, Lin Geng Xin and of course, Ji Chang Wook, so I’m hoping she’ll make it four times the charm with Im Si Wan.