god versus bidet in latest teaser for bride of the water god 2017

Hahahahahahaha. Our lofty god is hapless and helpless against the powerful spray of a bidet. I’m totally loving the latest teaser for this drama and I’m getting younger, sunnier Goblin vibes from our resident Ha Baek with all that imperious sageuk speech and silly use-abuse of powers. Doesn’t hurt that both Gong Yoo and Nam Joo Hyuk are tall and yummy. I sincerely apologise to my dear readers who neither have an interest in this drama or nor a fan of Nam Joo Hyuk – since I’m going on and on about him and this drama. Bear with me, please…

And wow… Shin Se Kyung actually having some sexy sizzle with a leading man?? No better man than Nam Joo Hyuk, who continues to rock that shaggy hair, and is utterly cute, hot and gorgeous…oh boy… I didn’t know he could steal my heart further but he can…and he is!!!!