bowing to the bidet

tvN is raining promo material when it comes to Bride of the Water God 2017, hopefully thinking that a rom-com would pull in the stellar ratings it has been wishing to repeat since Goblin. I doubt Bride of the Water God 2017 will be able to achieve the same revered status, but I do think it has a decent chance of becoming a hit if the writing remains consistent and interesting.

I already love Nam Joo Hyuk in his role and my heart is trippin’ all over itself at how hot he looks – which is the main reason why I’m posting all these BTS videos. He does have tangible onscreen chemistry with Shin Se Kyung, which is all that matters to me as a drama viewer. The more chemistry he has with his leading lady, the better since it only spells good things for the drama, and great OTP rapport can compensate, to a certain extent, narrative flaws and acting prowess.