fallin’ for fantasy

tvN revealed the first poster for Bride of the Water God 2017 and it is too lush for words. I love the moody blue theme and Nam Joo Hyuk looks beeeee-yooo-teeee—fool here. I’ve never described him as beautiful before but I think I am going to this time. I don’t get this trend with all the sideways posters since they only confound and mess up my orientation. So are they hugging upright or is Shin Se Kyung sprawled over Nam Joo Hyuk and blah, blah, blah. I find Shin Se Kyung’s rich heiress styling, flouncy top, big hair and costume baubles a little too overdone… unless they are trying to reference the classic Gone With The Wind pose at some point. But I love thee my Joo Hyukie’s white open-collared shirt and lanky black hair. He’s smouldering in this poster.

Anyway, there are more stills of the cast, plus some highly-anticipated cameos in the form of Lee Kyung Young, Yang Dong Geun (yay!) and Jo Jung Chi.