manga muses

tvN dropped more posters for Bride of the Water God 2017 and I guess they were trying to retain the manga feel and treatment. Everyone who is supposed to be god-like do look unearthly gorgeous while the mere mortals are decidedly pretty yet plebian.

Nam Jo Hyuk declares he is Ha Baek – the king of the water kingdom and the water god. He is also the master of our leading lady, So Ah. Shin Se Kyung a.k.a So Ah bemoans her fate and the fact freedom is out of her reach. Krystal is Mu Ra, is a water god of a lower rank, and snootily demands, “Who dares appear in front of me?” Gong Myung is Bi Ryum, a god of the heaven, who gripes that the water gods ain’t all that as they think they are and he may be the true king. Im Joo Hwan is the mysterious Hoo Ye, who is described as a human more perfect that the gods and he claims he will take responsibility of his actions.

I actually am interested in all the characters except So Ah, who feels and sounds like the typical vanilla leading lady. But if Shin Se Kyung can at least make her hilarious and entertaining, I’ll be pacified because I’ll be paying way more attention to the others.