1st look at hyun bin + son ye jin for negotiation

Damn. Don’t these two look effortlessly hot and compatible together? We get pics of the same-age co-stars (both are ’82ers) at the script reading for their upcoming crime thriller movie, Negotiation, and one BTS shot with Son Ye Jin in a police uniform and Hyun Bin… looking somewhat shady. Heh. He is all scruffy and brawny, which is a look I like on him. I could totally see he and Son Ye Jin helming some rom-com or melo, but well, I’ll settle for thriller since this is what they signed up for. Not too sure whether there will be any romance mixed into the plot but it would be such a waste if there isn’t.

Love it that they are the same age and contemporaries. Not that I mind huge age gaps terribly in OTPs, just there are just soooooo few pairings that are same- or close in age that it’s always nice when one springs up. Especially one with the star wattage and eye candy of this couple.