the king loves releases 1st teaser

Goodness. I have been waiting for this for the longest time. We have three bosom buddies who grow up and realise love has the knack of making things beautiful or beastly. There are the smiles and laughter of camaraderie, the fluttery feelings of first love… and the pain and hurt of betrayal. We have a melancholic Hong Jong Hyun, a sobbing Yoona and our king, Im Si Wan, with tears running down his face. It is about him, his sad, beautiful painful love story.

I like the teaser since it offers glimpses of the friendship, the discovery of the love triangle at the maypole dance, and the resulting heartbreak. The three leads are in their late twenties – Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun are donggap at 27 while Im Si Wan is two years older – so I’m expecting a certain depth and maturity to their respective portrayals. Not forgetting it is Song Ji Na behind the writing…so fingers crossed!!!