lee seo jin + eric + yoon kyun sang back to fish together

More likely it would be Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang who will be fishing, Eric cooking, and Lee Seo Jin…airing his socks? Haha. Anyway, it’s great news that the trio have signed on for another season of Three Meals A Day, fishing village edition. I wonder whether it would be the same island or a farther one. Will Seo Jinnie be captain of the ship again, with Eri-car and er… Yoon Kyun Sang’s bucket for company? I hope the maknae will bring his cats along again… they were so cute and fluffy. This marks Eric’s first post-wedding project and it is a good choice since he genuinely seems to find fishing and cooking relaxing and enjoyable. After all the flak he received for announcing his marriage, this would be a tranquil working vacation for him. He will get hitched in July, and filming will commence soon after.