the king loves holds press conference

I really hope The King Loves does well. At 40 episodes, it is a marathon of sorts. The good-looking, same-ish age main cast seemed to be joking around and they should be pretty close considering they filmed together for six months. Yoona was a little too pink for me but I like her hair and makeup. Im Si Wan looked more like a young entrepreneur dressed down for a business meeting at some resort, while Hong Jong Hyun went for a white suit in shining armour with a powdery pink necktie to match Yoona’s dress. Did Im Si Wan disregard the wardrobe memo or decided a king jolly well could wear what he wanted? Heh. Yoona looked very tickled at In Si Wan’s attempt at chivalry but he got his way and escorted her by hand.

The drama premieres on MBC on July 17.

photo credits as stated