toxic is the king’s love…

The King Loves dropped its highlights trailer and the characters already feel rich, especially those of Im Si Wan’s Wang Won and Hong Jong Hyun’s Wang Rin. Right off the bat we are exposed to the dual character of Wang Won – playful and warm one second, cold and calculating the next.

Im Si Wan plays Wang Won with a deceptive insouciance. His light-as-air voice is rather non-sageukish but I’m pretty sure he’ll make it up with acting chops. Hong Jong Hyun seems to be holding up well against him, while I’m not too sure about Yoona at this point. I like her a lot but sageuk is another playing field altogether. BUT I’m placing my hope in Song Ji Na… I’m reeled in by what I see in this trailer since it doesn’t seem to be just another fluffy love story though it is about a man’s love for a woman.