nam joo hyuk to make movie debut in ansi fortress

One cannot fault Nam Joo Hyuk for laziness or resting on his laurels. He has been cast in Ansi Fortress, the big budget epic blockbluster set in the Goguryeo era, which has already confirmed Jo In Sung as the main lead and Seol Hyun as his onscreen sister. The supporting cast is equally epic, stuffed with veterans such as  Park Sung Woong and Sung Dong Il. This is not ma boy’s first sageuk role since he did Scarlet Heart and was surprisingly decent in that.
 Call me superficial but I’m 99 per cent certain Seol Hyun and Nam Joo Hyuk will have some sort of loveline. And I’ll be totally stoked if that happens since I like Seol Hyun and they will make an insanely gorgeous couple. Phew! Bring on the sweeping romance and swoony kisses!!!!

Filming will start in August so it will be a tight fit for him. I believe he has to work around his drama schedule unless we are talking late August. As his fan, I am happy that he is keeping busy, and hardworking and shrewd enough to strike while the iron is hot.