preview: bride of the water god 2017 episode 3

Let the war of the gods and demi-gods begin. I’m looking forward to this part the most. Shin Se Kyung provides enough fluffy fodder for the loveline, but I’m anticipating how Ha Baek is going to manage Mu Ra, Bi Ryeum and Hoo Ye as he kicks off his claim of the stones. Nam Joo Hyuk is absolutely charming as the humourless, dour water god even though cracks are beginning to show as he interacts with Soo Ah. So far, I’m amused and swoony each time Ha Baek does exhibit the little godly powers he has or maybe it is because Nam Joo Hyuk is pure swoony when he is at it. Man… those “Check out how cool I am” stares he give Soo Ah are electrifying.