preview: bride of the water god episode 5

I spot Mura and Bi Ryeum using their powers and it looks pretty cool in those few seconds. Nam Joo Hyuk is going to amass another lot of female fans after this drama since he just reeks swoony charisma as Ha Baek. I swear he is strutting and swaggering for all he is worth and has learnt how to work the camera industriously to near perfection. Plus, there is a solid sense of maturity to his portrayal, despite his imperfecting acting. And man, does he look gorgeous. He has palatable chemistry with Shin Se Kyung, though mostly generated on his end. I have a feeling he is going to be an actor that would have chemistry with any actress he is cast with – with the exception of Seo Hyun in Scarlet Heart.

I like Ha Baek since he is thoughtful and insightful when he isn’t being lofty about his godly-or-lack-there-of powers. Still not feeling So Ah since all she does is play damsel in distress and say ‘Thank You’ to Ha Baek. Ha Baek swears to protect her in the clip… which is I guess earth-shattering for him since she is just supposed to be his lowly slave. Hu Ye is a quirky one, rather mysterious and probably with a secret agenda. Maybe he is all primed to overthrow and usurp the supernatural realm and its coveted throne.