mon-tues tussle

A god, a king or a bad boy???? GAAAAAH. I’ve caught the premieres of The King Loves and School 2017 and both are promising. Im Si Wan is subtly magnetic as Wang Won and damn, I like watching him and I can’t seem to stop watching him. Plus, I like how the teenage portion entrenches the background for the main narrative. Maybe it’s just Song Ji Na’s magic at work.

Then we have Kim Jung Hyun as the ubiquitous bad boy in School 2017 who is all sorts of broody adorable. I thought he was cute and grumpy in Jealousy Incarnate and he’s like a Kim Woo Bin Lite in School 2017. If you know me well enough, nothing gets to me more than a bad boy or a super jock. And of course, it’s Nam Joo Hyuk a.k.a my baby boy, as a dour but to-die-for swoony, steely god in Bride of the Water God 2017. I totally luuuuuuuurve him as Ha Baek. Love him enough to watch the drama for him alone.

By the way, I’ve given up on My Sassy Girl 2017 after the OTP became too lovey dovey for my liking, so right now, it’s three dramas on my plate for the Mon-Tues slot. This time, I decided to check out The King Loves first, followed by Episode 5 of Bride of the Water God 2017, then School 2017. Have picked my favourite scenes of each drama for Monday’s episodes – so little time, so many dramas!!!