criminal minds releases 5-minute trailer

Somehow this reminds me a little of Pier Piper with a dash of Iris in terms of execution and the crime-thriller vibe. I like the dark, gritty treatment to the cinematography though I’m not sure whether it is just for the trailer. I love Lee Jun Ki brash and bad-ass, complete with intense glare and smirk, dressed in all-black… and maybe I’m being too whimsical but his character here feels like Wang So teleported into the 21st century, armed with a gun instead of a sword, shrouded in tactical vest instead of a billowing cloak. A bad-ass Lee Jun Ki is the best Lee Jun Ki in my books, unless he is playing all gone and self-destructive akin to The King’s Clown. But from the trailer, Sohn Hyun Joo’s character piques my interest the most since he seems to be fighting his own inner demons and eventful past as he helms his dynamic team to bust crime and murder.