preview: bride of the water god 2017 episode 7

So now So Ah is his woman, huh? No longer his servant or his person, but his woman. Ha Baek warns Hoo Ye to stay away from So Ah, while it seems as though Mura is pledging her loyalty to Ha Baek – or seeking his forgiveness earnestly…probably both. I’m not super invested in the central romance because while I’m fine with Shin Se Kyung in this role, she is nowhere on my list of favourite actresses. But Nam Joo Hyuk as Ha Baek is another story altogether since my baby boy is genuinely owning the role with confidence and panache. I love how he makes Ha Baek more humane with his considerate nature and sincerity even with a dour expression,and his emotional delivery has improved. Baby steps. And he is just swoony and hot in all the scenes, especially when his lips twitch with restrained humour. GAH.