preview: the king loves episodes 5-6

The previews show glimpses of the maypole dance scene where Wang Rin helps Eun San escape Wang Won’s scrutiny. Despite their attempts to disguise themselves, I believe Eun San will find out soon enough her new buddies are of royal blood, with one the crown prince at that.

After watching the first four episodes, I think it is fairly reasonable to conclude that Wang Won could be talking of his love for both the woman of his life and his best friend when he states that he loved “you more than myself”. Hints are dropped at how much he values Wang Rin’s friendship and looking at Wang Won so far, he has a rather practical streak about him. How he exhibits his love towards Wang Rin and Eun San may not be of the expected sort – it could be what he thinks best for them under circumstances.

But I swear I will bawl my eyes out if Eun San really ends up killing Wang Won at his request with Wang Rin sobbing at the side – as what our king predicts and hopes. It would be what Wang Won wants and he seems to be one who will never back down to get what he wants – even the kind of death he wishes upon himself.

Yoona has chemistry with both Im Si Wan and Hong Jong Hyun, which I think will make it so much harder to support one romance wholeheartedly since both men have their reasons for wanting her by their side and would love her in their own unique way.