preview: the king loves episode 7-8

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This drama is my current crack. My heart sinks with dread waiting for the moment Wang Rin – either by choice or coercion – starts betraying Wang Won because the relationship between these two is my absolute favourite part of the drama. Hong Jong Hyun is doing a lovely, heartfelt turn as the faithful Wang Rin, and he has a wonderful rapport with Im Si Wan, whose flitting emotional style of acting is a perfect fit for the naive-yet-cunning Wang Won. I remember in one of the pre-broadcast trailers, Wang Won muses about the turning point in their bromance where Wang Rin “could no longer look him in the eye”. GAAAAAAAH. My heart. Song Ji Na is killing me again with her deft, humanistic touch of characterisation. Wang Won and Wang Rin are such fascinating people, their relationship so solid yet a threat to all their enemies.

Anyway, back to the preview. Utter chaos is caused by the sneak arrow attack with presumedly Wang Rin half-saving the day and probably Wang Won’s royal ass by letting fly an arrow at the Crown Prince himself. I wonder if Wang Rin is going to tell Wang Won the truth about the sneak attack or lie low though he is given the task to find the culprit.

Eun San wants to avenge her mother’s death but her father isn’t hearing anything of it. I like that she is genuinely spunky and doesn’t come off as all-fakey strong-willed. There is a down-to-earth, realistic and practical side to her – reckless but still convincingly sharp. And damn if Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun aren’t exuding their own slow-burn chemistry, as compared to her more fiesty chemistry with Im Si Wan. In the background of the teaser, there is Jung Joon Young drawling his way for Stay, the soon-to-be released OST  for the drama. I already love it.