preview: the king loves episode 9-10 + bts cut

Things start to get testy all around as the borrowed idyllic time Eun San, Wang Won and Wang Rin have enjoyed thus far is fast vanishing as court politics come into full play. I’m hoping aginst hope that the relationship between Wang Won and Wang Rin will never be broken – severely tested, but never broken. Eun San will be ending up with a winner no matter who she ends up with so I’m not too worried about her. BUT the two boys…

Anyway, we have the BTS cut of the last scene of Episode 8 and it’s adorable how Im Si Wan and Hong Jong Hyun look out and indulge in Yoona in their own ways. Im Si Wan and Hong Jong Hyun have fantastic chemistry in the drama which is kinda unexpected because both of them are so mild-mannered and easygoing off-screen.