preview: bride of the water god 2017 episode 9

I know So Ah isn’t all useless and a departure from the usual too-proud-to-receive-help heroine, but I still find it a little annoying that she’s been tossed around between everyone. I actually like all the god play going on since Nam Joo Hyuk is equally hilarious and swoony, and the other gods are slowly improving, with the addition of Im Joo Hwan’s half god-half human status. I love the scenes of the gods in their dreamy realm since everyone looks so whimsical there. But now, we have both Ha Baek and So Ah grappling with the fact that Ha Baek has to return to his kingdom not only to re-align the balance of power, but because the very power is affecting the mortal world, too. I admit I’m still clueless as to how all these elements add up but as long Joo Hyukie is shooting those intense stares at everyone, I’m good. Love the boy.