while you were sleeping holds wrap party

Ha. Suzy and Lee Jong Suk turned up in somewhat matching outfits (shoes!) for the wrap party of the SBS drama, While You Were Sleeping. it is due to premiere in September so there is still some time for the production crew to come up with some decent promotions. I enjoyed Lee Jong Suk’s last drama outing, W – Two Worlds, since the concept was rather novel and Lee Jong Suk did sell his manga-come-to-life character pretty well. As for Suzy… sigh. She’s eye candy but haven’t liked anything she has taken on so far when it comes to acting. This despite she snuggling up with practically every hot male actor under 30 for all her projects, while snagging one of the hottest male actors in real real life. She is like Park Shin Hye in that aspect, being blessed with opportunities that every starlet can dream of, and landing popular leading men at each turn.