live up to your name holds press conference

When I see Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong in these photos, I get this bizarre sense that they would make a good married couple. HAHAHAHA. Utter rubbish, I know. But they have this relaxing, comfortably sexy rapport in the way they pose together for the pictures and their overall body language just give me some low-wattage toe-curling squees. Anyway, the cast of Live Up To Your Name congregated for the press conference and well, what can I say but shrill that Kim Nam Gil is finally back in dramaland!!! That and I really, really like their chemistry from these pics and their combined visual appeal. I always thought Kim Nam Gil looked best with Sohn Ye Jin, but he and Kim Ah Joong are giving great vibes. I didn’t even notice their outfits till later since I was so charmed by their couple pics. The drama premieres next week on tvN.

photo credits as stated