kim ji suk + han ye seul are a 20th century pair

This is a really quirky, but potentially sizzling pairing if the writing stays insanely sane. The writer penning MBC’s 20th Century Boys And Girls should just let loose and let the pen fly when it comes to hilarity since Kim Ji Suk and Han Ye Seul have great comic timing individually. I think they would be able to pull off heartwarming, funny, sexy and cool effortlessly in one sleek package if all goes right. I only can find this one snapshot of them so far but I’m already liking what I see. They are a dong-gap OTP (both are 81’ers) and somehow I have a good feeling about them. The drama is about love and life among a group of 30-somethings, and let’s hope it is skewed towards campy and off-kilter sultry, rather than melancholic and dramatic.