black holds script reading

I still don’t understand why OCN couldn’t just get Lee Dong Wook to reprise his role as the Reaper and secure a definite audience since his portrayal in Goblin was such a massive hit with viewers. I mean I could watch a whole series of everyone’s favourite black angel grumbling over his neverending death administration work. Ha. Song Seung Hoon will play the (or a) grim reaper in Black. He’ll be paired with Go Ara, who has been woefully underwhelming in all her recent projects.

There is also Kim Dong Joon and Lee El, whom I hope doesn’t have to act as a grandma again. I guess the only confirmed advantage at this junction is that Song Seung Hoon would rock the black suits. It was ironic he turned up for the script reading in pure white from head to toe though. His last ditch at snowy innocence before he ventures into the dark, dreary, deathly otherworld…