bring on the black

Insane, Insane how much I love this boy. Nam Joo Hyuk looked unbearably cute and adorable (to this fan-noona) in an all-black outfit and fashion specs, skipping out of Incheon for an overseas shoot for the September issue of Cosmopolitan Korea. I love his casual, often sporty, off-duty wardrobe. So does that mean he has wrapped up filming for Bride of the Water God 2017 and is having some down-time until he starts shooting for Ansi Fortress? Or maybe he’s just making use of the weekend to get some work done and will head back to the drama set next week. GAH. He is so gorgeous with that sweet boyishness of his… but I wish he kept his long-ish hair because it makes him that bit more sexy, mature and roguish. Maaaa baby boy!!!!!

photo credits as stated