joseon meets air-con

I’ve watched the first two episodes of Live Up To Your Name and it’s a hoot. Kim Nam Gil is a scream as a money-grubbing acupunturist who somehow ends up in modern Seoul. Fortunately, he is a survivor and quick on the uptake, especially when it comes to modern comforts – like the air-conditioner. At one point, he tosses away his acupunture kit, only to pick it up again when he finds out that being a doctor in this world earns you tons of money. HEH. But in between all the hilarious fish-out-of-the-water antics, he is enthralled by the advance in medical knowledge and I like how the show focuses on his insatiable curiosity in this aspect.

Like every medical drama heroine, Kim Ah Joong’s top surgeon character has a painful past. Her grandfather is a Eastern medical practitioner and in her teenage years, insisted on using his own devices to treat her sick mother in spite of her pleas to send her to the hospital. I’m sure there is a reason for his decision and we’ll find out eventually.

Anyway, won’t say more but check out Kim Nam Gil in action, enjoying his first encounter with an air-con: