preview: the king loves episode 17-18

Darn. I’m sooo tempted to read the novel just to see how much is being adapted for the drama version. Anyway, previews have never been accurate reflections of actual episodes but we see the first crack between the steadfast relationship between Won and Rin, thanks to court politics and San. Everyone seems to be the cutting secret deals with Won’s powerful mother at this point – I believe the scene of San on her knees probably took place before the older woman’s crown pincess-to-be tea. She has to reveal her true identity to Won in exchange for her father’s life, I believe, since he has committed a crime lying to the king about San being scarred.

Rin is the one caught right in the middle since he has to juggle protecting San, Won and Dan. I wonder why he ultimately decides to fight Won in the end – unless it was Won who ordered him to do so. That’s definitely Won’s voice in the part where it says, “There can be no one else beside me. Come over to my side.”

I can’t guess where the story is taking us, which is a good thing in terms of sustaining personal anticipation. I like not knowing what will happen even if it is gonna break my heart…since our trio look absolutely miserable individually in the preview.