back in the spotlight…

C-JeS Entertainment certainly isn’t wasting time thrusting Hong Jong Hyun back into the spotlight. A fan-signing event is scheduled this Saturday at Pyeongchang and I applaud the company for providing details in English, too. It does prove that the agency is very aware that Jong Hyunie has amassed quite a significant number of international fans. Anyway, my lovely guy was out and about on his bike with his pals, and checked out an exhbition at the National Museum of Korea, and his latest business venture. Sigh… seeing the Colosseo makes me miss Italy sooo much. Love the country. Love going there.

Ooomph. I love his slight stubble in the pic. Sexy. And that all-black outfit and black biker jacket… he really, really needs to take on a pure bad-ass, bad boy role next. So it wasn’t the lighting in Pyeongchang – his dyed his hair again to a dark brown.

Back to his fan-signing event. I literally groaned in frustration when I saw the date. I mean if I was in Seoul on this weekend, I would have made my way to Pyeongchang somehow to catch a glimpse of him. Even if I don’t manage to get a ticket, I’m pretty sure I would able to see manoeuvre my way into seeing him from a respectable distance. My friend whose wedding I attended last weekend – and a fellow Jong Hyunie fan (I converted her) – caught wind of the event and called me immediately and said, “Yaaaaaa! You should have stayed one more week!” Haha.

Oh well, if any of you end up at the event, feel free to share your pictures here.