girl friday

Yoona jetted off to Macau rather jauntily earlier today. Love her outfit. I love her in simple, chic outfits. She is due to attend the Asian Film Awards 2018 where she has been nominated in the Best Newcomer category. The event will take place tomorrow and I’ll try to post something on that.

Seeing her with hair tied up, I suddenly wondered whether she is going to grow out her hair again or keep it short. It just hit me that I’m so used to seeing her in the bob that I realised she must have been maintaining the length because she chopped off her long locks last June. I think she looks great and more refreshing with short hair, and I would love to have her keep it for a little longer.

Just for fun… I think she’ll wear either a black or red gown…

And it will be another HJH-Yoona day tomorrow too… yay…

She arrived in Macau and was greeted by fans.

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