hoodie hunk + bronzed up [updated]

My handsome. Hong Jong Hyun decided to catch some ice hockey at the Paralympics. before his fan-signing event… he looks so good in this shade of blue. He rarely wears such a bright colour off-duty so it is a rare occurence. And he is wearing his fave grey sweatshirt with red hoodie under the blue Team Korea jersey. I love the candid shots and videos of him. He is ridiculously good-looking even when he is not posing for cameras. I love the pics of him with the kids. Sooo cute.

I’m been reading the comments of those who took pics with him or saw/met him in person. Everyone commented that his character is really sweet and he is super, super good-looking in real life. They said he is tons more good-looking in real life as compared to photos. I dunno. I might just faint dead away if I get to see him in real life. I’m pretty sure I’ll be rendered breathless but ain’t too sure whether I’m survive so much sweetness and gorgeousness.


He wore a bronze-brown getup for the fan-signing event which I do not fancy at all. Haha. I like the whole concept of the outfit – like the jacket layered over the shirt – just not the colour. It would have looked nicer if it were blue or black, but well, I guess his stylist wanted to experiment a little. But outfit aside, he looked great. It was so cute how he was so genuinely shocked that so many fans were in attendance that he commented on the fact when he saw the crowd. And his voice. I watched the videos and goodness… I did not know how muuuuuuch I missed hearing his voice until he spoke. Love him. He looked happy, thus I am happy.

Photo credits: @hjonghyun/@hyunjin_hilary/@kateissocool/@hha_y