yoona wins next generation award at asian film awards 2018 [updated]

Congrats to Yoona for clinching the Next Generation Award at the Asian Film Awards 2018 in Macau. She went for a long, frothy white gown and glorious earrings. Not a big fan of her gown, but at least it wasn’t terribly lacey or fussy.I like how it looks from the back though. It’s a simple look and has a flattering silhouette, though I wished her hair had been styled a little neater. Dispatch seemed to be the only Korean media that literally followed her there, and they did get quite good shots. She sat with Lee Jung Jin whom she worked with in The K2.

Gah. My two precious looked happy, relaxed and in good spirits. Wide, genuine smiles from both. I just adore the fact that they are active on the same day even though they are miles apart. I’m satisfied…

Yoona was spotted leaving Macau on the same night. Wow. It is a rather whirlwind trip. She only stayed one night. I wonder what the rush is but hope she gets a good rest when she returns to Seoul. She was wearing a red top under her jacket. Heh. Maybe she is rushing home to someone… Hahaha. My shippy heart. I guess there wasn’t any reason to stay longer than needed but it is kinda tiring travelling like this even though she did not have to do any gruelling work.

photo credits as stated/hk01