hong jong hyun lists yoona as one of three celebrities he is good friends with in real life…

Hong Jong Hyun had an interview with MTV Taiwan’s Idols of Asia, which aired on June 13. Decided to translate it – at least most of it. It was a pretty fun interview, with the host asking HJH about Yoona. HJH also shares that Jin distracts bystanders from recognising him. HAHAHA. Anyway, the best part was he named Yoona as one of three good friends in Korean showbiz. GAAAAAAH.

On Taiwanese fans and Taiwan…
When he goes on social media, he notices he has many fans from Taiwan so he would like to visit Taiwan one day. The host says the next time he interviews HJH, he promises he would get a motorcycle for HJH to ride, and will plan a route for him. HJH replies he enjoyed his biking trip in Japan last year and would like to do the same in Taiwan.

What influenced him to go from modelling to acting?
The host asked if HJH was influenced by a particular project or individual to become an actor. HJH answered he was inspired by a play he watched in high school, which was the first time he developed an interest in acting.

Is he more similar to Yo or Rin in real life?
HJH amusedly replies that it is impossible to be like Yo in real life because he was so evil, so he thinks he is more like Rin in person. But the host elaborates that he was inquiring whether he would manifest his dark side like Yo, to which HJH answers that when he does hits a rough patch, he usually self-reflects instead of taking it out on others.

What was it like working with Yoona? [4:00]
He had a good time working with her and also with Im Si Wan. They are all around the same age so he felt like he was filming with friends. Even though Yoona is younger than him, he could lean and depend on her, and she also gave him acting tips. They communicated and learnt a lot from each other as they filmed together for those six months. He felt honoured to have work with her but at the same time, though they are colleagues, he felt he has made a good friend in her. The host says he can sense that their relationship is very good. Hahahaha.

What kind of character would he like to try next?
Whenever he receives a script or an offer, he’ll consider the role if it is something compelling or challenging. His last two works were sageuks so he would like to do a contemporary drama next.

His fashion style?
He’ll think of his schedule for the day and pick a suitable outfit. In his early days, he used to pay more attention to fashion and would wear all sorts of fancy stuff. But now he prefers more comfy clothes. However, he doesn’t want his outfit to be too boring so he does try to put some thought into it. He will usually focus on one item, could be shoes or a jacket, and he’ll match the rest of the outfit accordingly. He doesn’t have a must-wear accessory.

Apparently he spends a lot of time exercising…
He exercises with Jin almost every day. The Han River is right in front of his house, only a 3-5 minute walk away. Thus, he either runs or jogs with Jin every day, unless it rains. If he isn’t doing that, he hits the gym to lift weights or plays soccer.

Has he ever met fans while walking Jin?
Not once. But he shares that most of the time, other people are more interested in Jin (because of Jin’s size and colour) that they don’t notice him. Hehe.

The second segment is a round of quick questions in which HJH has to answer within three seconds.

How long does he usually take to shower?
10 minutes. HJH figures guys don’t usually take that long to shower. He says he usually takes between 5-10 minutes.

Name three celebrities that he is good friends with… [12:40]
Im Si Wan, Im Yoona and Oh Min Suk. (SCREAAAAAAAAAAM)

HJH clarifies in previous interviews, he usually mentions the same people so everyone knows who they are. But since he filmed The King Loves and he became close to the three people he listed… he thought he’ll answer differently this time. He mentions he is close to Park Hwan Hee and Park Ji Hyun too, so it was difficult to choose just three… But well, he says he’ll just go with the three he mentioned.

To what extent has he exposed his body in the name of work?
He has only flashed his upper body so far. He hasn’t a chance to flash more than that, but he thinks health is more important than working out just to look good.

Three items he’ll bring to a deserted island…
Shoes, clothes, lighter. The host gets that he’ll bring a lighter to start fires, but why shoes? HJH replies he hurts his feet every time he walks on the beach. Thus, his decision to bring shoes.

A supernatural ability he would like to have?
Trace/time portal. He likes travelling and would like to visit different places around the world.

His three fave Korean dishes…
Galbijjim, Japchae, Kimchi Jjigae. These are the dishes that his mom cooks that he likes. He can’t really cook but he does cook sometimes.

Three Chinese phrases he knows…
“Hello Everyone”, “I love you”, “Hot pot” . His favourite Chinese dish is hotpot. He asks the host to recommend him the best three places for hotpot in Taiwan and he’ll bike to all of them.

OKAY. I screamed when he listed Yoona as one of three celebrities he was good friends with. I thought he would list his model gang. I swear my shippy heart beats on strongly even if they are just good friends in real life. I can’t believe he mentioned her name. Sure, he mentioned Im Si Wan and Oh Min Suk, too, but he did choose her among all the ladies. He admitted he was close to the other ladies too but he was definitely inferring he was the closest to Yoona. GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.

The fact he can declare such in public… he and Yoona must really be super close in real life… ARGHHHHH! They are playing it safe on social media but I love that he confirms that they are genuinely good friends. That is all I need to know. I guess it is an open secret since they do post their TKL meets occasionally on Instagram, BUT STILL…

A few readers have mentioned that they think HJH had a huge crush on her while filming TKL, but I think he and Yoona just happened to get each other on all levels and eventually became good friends. He could be totally dating someone else and is just friends with her but I’m happy enough they have sustained their friendship.

The way HJH nodded nonchalantly when the host remarked that he could tell HJH and Yoona had a close relationship… hahaha… it looked a little too nonchalant. Just my shippy heart speaking.