jung il woo discharged from military duty

Jung Il Woo was discharged from military duty on November 30 and greeted by faithful fans. He has already picked a comeback project, a SBS drama co-starring Go Ara and Kwon Yul titled Haechi. It is a fusion sageuk and he will play half-commoner Prince Yeoning who encountered tons of prejudice and discrimination because he wasn’t full-blooded noble. The writer is no stranger to sageuks, penning Yi San, Dong Yi and Hwajung. I really liked the earlier two and I think Jung Il Woo will do well. I don’t love him but I do like him a fair bit and genuinely think he possesses all the makings of a leading man. He is tall, good-looking, charismatic and can act. Unfortunately, he has either played second fiddle to more popular actors or wallowed in poorly written works or rolea over the last few years. Hopefully his comeback project will signal a fresh start to his career.

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