Monthly Archive: Nov, 2018

court intrigue in the last empress

The Last Empress released another teaser and in all honesty, I quite like what I’m seeing. It’s like a modern court sageuk brought to life with all sorts of conspiracies, secrets and torrid… Continue reading

romance supplement holds script reading

I almost forgot about Romance Supplement, the new tvN rom-com starring Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young, until I came across the script-reading pictures. It’s Lee Na Young’s return to dramaland in… Continue reading

back hug encountered

Encounter dropped another poster and phew! Park Bo Geom’s hair is a lot shorter in it and I guess his hair gets chopped once the story moves back to Seoul. I’m not sure… Continue reading

cold chic

Jang Ki Yong and Jeon Ji Hyun attended a Nepa event recently, both being spokespersons for the brand. I can’t find pics of them together so I figure they featured separately. I love… Continue reading

dazzling duo

Shin Min Ah and Yoo Ah In attended a Cartier event in Seoul on November 14. Both are Korean ambassadors for the brand, and are regularly seen at international events. Shin Min Ah’s… Continue reading

well-heeled pair

Lee Seo Jin and Lee Sang Yoon attended a designer shoe event on November 14 in very similar preppy outfits. I love the look on both men. Lee Seo Jin has every reason… Continue reading

encounter drops more pretty teasers

Pardon me if there are typos for my posts over the nexxt couple of days. I’m soo darned jet-lagged. Encounter dropped more teasers and Park Bo Geom is so adorably earnest in his… Continue reading

the truth hurts

Heartbreak ahead in Beauty Inside as Se Gye and Do Jae discover the macabre connection between their unusual conditions. I want to send flowers to the stylists of both Seo Hyun Jin and… Continue reading

in praise of death drops 1st teaser

Soooo sad but I wanna watch! SBS has released the first teaser of its special drama, In Praise of Death, and I already feel the restrained yearning between Lee Jong Suk and Shin… Continue reading

will these stars cross paths…

Will these two ever meet in a project? Son Ye Jin and Lee Jung Jae attended the Elle Style Awards 2018 on November 12. Son Ye Jin looked elegant in a black velvet… Continue reading

luuurve a bad-ass couple

JTBC better give me a happy ending for Beauty Inside…anyway, upcoming heartbreak aside, Se Gye and Do Jae totally kicked ass with their opponents in Episode 13. I love them so much for… Continue reading

preview: beauty inside episode 14

My updates will be sporadic for a bit because I’m on the road and will be crossing time zones. That means I can’t watch Episode 14 of Beauty Inside until hours later!!!! Same… Continue reading