Monthly Archive: Apr, 2019

ji chang wook gets melted over in comeback drama

Ji Chang Wook has confirmed his comeback project, tvN’s Melt Me. The synopsis sounds cool and funny enough, with the OTP waking up after being frozen for years, and having to sustain a… Continue reading

their issue

I sincerely hope with all my heart that a happy ending is in store for Soo Hyun and Seok Joo despite the whole Sunday Syndicate power play. Despite their messy history, the two… Continue reading

pink point

Lee Dong Wook is reprising hosting duties for music variety programme, Producer 101. He is a good host and really fun to watch in variety so it is nice to see him take… Continue reading

priestly behaviour

Kim Nam Gil in a pool, Kim Nam Gil all styled up. The love calls for a second season of The Fiery Priest are relentless and really, the ball is in his court.… Continue reading

kim eun sook may have a new project in spring 2020

According to a Korean media agency, Kim Eun Sook is set to make a comeback next spring. However, it has been emphasised that nothing has been firmed up as yet. Of course, netizens… Continue reading

www drops teasers

tvN dropped the first batch of teasers for WWW in which the characters search for various subjects. Jang Ki Yong is the flower among the thorns and he better get his game together… Continue reading

epic battle coming up…

On the road again so pardon my sporadic updates. Despite my reservations about Arthdal Chronicles, it does come across as an epic adventure in the latest teaser. Jang Dong Gun is rocking his… Continue reading

calling the shorts

Kim Yoo Jung is off to Macau to shoot a pictorial, and sported short hair. It isn’t exactly a bob and it makes her look younger. I guess she looks refreshing since she… Continue reading

she has him wrapped around her finger

The Soo Hyun-Seok Joo romance is peripheral in Big Issue, but I like the conversations between the two, which can be rather unusually mature in dramaland. I just have to highlight this conversation… Continue reading

absolute boyfriend drops teaser

One of the teasers for Absolute Boyfriend and Hong Jong Hyun is utterly dreamy even in the few seconds. Understandable that the drama will focus more on Yeo Jin Goo but hell… I’ve… Continue reading

re-living beauty inside

JTBC did a throwback of Beauty Inside and released a compilation of all the best scenes between Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin. Sigh. They had super sexy kisses and I liked… Continue reading

lee dong wook may join im si wan in ocn drama

Lee Dong Wook has been offered a role in Strangers From Hell, a drama to be based on a popular webtoon. This will be the second series produced under OCN’s Cinematic initiative, with… Continue reading