yang se jong takes hwi hair to hawaii

So freakin’ gorgeous. Hotness. It should be a crime for Yang Se Jong to cut off his hair. My sweet lovely left for Hawaii to shoot a pictorial and I literally let out a small scream when I saw how swoony he looked. Think he trimmed and tidied his hair a bit but it is still long. Now I’m really wondering much longer he plans NOT to cut his hair. He actually looks more manly with it and I seriously think this is the best he has ever looked since his debut. A tad sexy too. He bulked up for his role as Hwi and I’m glad he hasn’t lost or gain more weight. His jawline is perfect. His tan is perfect. He is just perfect now. Absolutely perfect. His smile is so precious and omo… just LURVE him like that.

On a shippy note, he and Seol Hyun would totally look hot together if they shot a contemporary couple pictorial now. Like now, please.

He looks so adorable and handsome in the video. Omooooooooo.

Photo credits as stated