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dancing in the tunnel + courtroom

I enjoy the BTS clips of Lawless Lawyer, not so much because of the OTP chemistry (which is really dynamic by the way), but because everyone is having so much fun and being… Continue reading

netflix calls off production of see you again

Well, a reunion between Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won is not going to happen. The preferred casting of Netflix drama, See You Again, has ended in failure and the production crew… Continue reading

what’s wrong with secretary kim drops main poster

Not the most inspiring of posters but Park Seo Joon’s petulant-trying-to-act-in-charge expression is killing me. Haha. Park Min Young looks the part of the perky secretary, and they don’t look half bad together.

miss hammurabi holds press conference

Miss Hammurabi held its press conference on May 21. I like the camaraderie between Go Ara, L and Song Dong Il. I bet Song Dong Il will have equal, if not more screen… Continue reading

four men drops stills

Four Men is still shopping for a network and it better secure one soon if it plans to air by 2018 since programme slots across all the mainstream and popular cable networks are… Continue reading

sketch drops 1st teaser

Sketch released its first proper teaser and I belatedly realised there hasn’t been much pre-broadcast promotion for this drama, bearing in mind that it premieres May 25. I can’t say I’m interested in… Continue reading

pretty noona who buys me food holds wrap party

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food helds its wrap party on May 19. Son Ye Jin was again in an all-white getup. The gal really loves her white. Haha. Jung Hae In decided… Continue reading

come here and hug me off to a decent start

Come Here And Hug Me is… good? Haha. I’m a little surprised that it surpassed my expectations though I was pretty positive going into the drama. I always did plan to watch it,… Continue reading

not a kiss scene!

Lee Jun Ki takes his action scenes in his stride, even the tough ones. I read somewhere he dabbles in various types of martial arts as a hobby and well, it definitely shows… Continue reading

lee yoo young + yoon shi yoon pair up for dear judge

Consider me confused. Korean media is reporting that Lee Yoo Young has confirmed she will star opposite Yoon Shi Yoon in SBS’ upcoming drama, Dear Judge. So apparently, she getting cast with So… Continue reading

about time drops highlights teaser

Though I generally like the overall teaser, there is still a sense of disjointed flow in the narrative, an underlining feeling of disconnect. Whatever. Maybe I’ll just tired from a crazy week at… Continue reading

jang ki yong is playful + sexy for drama poster shoot

Jang Ki Yong is a real hottie in the clip. He has a nice smile and is boyishly sexy. The BTS clip of the poster making of Come Here And Hug Me sees… Continue reading