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a boisterous revolution…

Revolutionary Love is quite in-your-face in terms of comedy but somehow I’m enjoying the ride. It’s harmlessly humorous, with a louder-than-life OTP filled with brash charm. I don’t think it will be a… Continue reading

meloholic is all sunny + fluffy

SO CUTE. I’m pretty optimistic about OCN’s Meloholic after seeing this clip of the script reading and poster making. This is mainly because of Kyung Soo Jin – who looks so sunny and… Continue reading

bad guys right at ya

Another teaser. Joo Jin Mo!!!! Those intense eyes… phew! He is so gonna rock as a villain in OCN’s Bad Guys and I can’t wait. Why are all my fave Oppas returning to… Continue reading

preview: 20th century boy and girl episode 5

Awww… I like that we skip the angst for this OTP and dive straight into the fuzzy warmth. Ji Won reappears in Jin Jin’s life, and doesn’t seem to be wasting time picking… Continue reading

rin + san = rinsan [part 2]

RinSan happened so organically that I don’t even know when I officially starting rooting for them. On second watch, I don’t think the characters knew either when they officially fell in love with… Continue reading

love to turn his life around?

After watching the highlights trailer, I think Revolutionary Love is worth checking out. Choi Si Won is just hopelessly likeable as the bumbling chaebol heir, and a dour Gong Myung as his beleaguered… Continue reading

revolutionary love holds press conference

The good-looking cast of the tvN drama congregated for the media conference. Kang Sora was dressed in sapphire blue, complete with embellished silver shoes that feel so Cinderella. Hmmm… maybe she is to… Continue reading

a dreamy start…

Meloholic dropped its first still and well, it’s a cute pic of Kyung Soo Jin and Jung Yun Ho holding each other in a garden, bathed in a soft glow. I’m sure the… Continue reading

black holds press conference

Tons of drama premieres over both the mainstream and cable networks this week, and OCN’s Black is one of them. The cast gathered for the press conference and kudos to Go Ara and… Continue reading

20th century boy and girl bubbles with beguiling charm

Watch 20th Century Boy and Girl!!! It’s not crack (yet) but I’m fairly confident I’m going to stick to this drama since I’m not watching anything else at the moment. Maybe I’ll add… Continue reading

mad dog holds press conference

Spirits seem to be high for the press conference for KBS’ upcoming drama, Mad Dog. I didn’t know Hong Soo Hyun was part of the cast – haven’t seen her in a loooong… Continue reading

what’s in a line?

So I said I went through the script snippets of The King Loves posted in the comments. Obviously, there were slight differences, and some of the snippets were parts that the posters thought… Continue reading