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jang hyuk + jung ryeo won will indulge in a greasy romance

More positive casting news as SBS confirmed that Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won will star in Greasy Melo, the drama to succeed Shall We Kiss First come May. I hope SBS comes… Continue reading

heroine with a mop

Yi Deun is awesome. And sweet. And I love how she has designated herself as Ha Min’s protector, be it from errant water sprinklers or rude customers. For once, the spoilt little rich… Continue reading

when bts beats screened…

Whoever the kiss editor is at MBC needs to pop over to tvN for some training. Tae Hee and Shi Hyun shared their first kiss in Episode 8 and while it is obvious… Continue reading

radio romance holds wrap party

I didn’t follow Radio Romance because I wasn’t pulled to the narrative, but I do hope Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun managed to convince the audience they were a well-matched couple. I’ve… Continue reading

let’s watch the sunset holding hands holds press conference

The cast of upcoming melodrama, Let’s Watch The Sunset Holding Hands, met the press on March 20. Han Hye Jin! She is one of my fave actresses though she tends to pick very… Continue reading

noona & i

I like the featured poster the best among the three. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food dropped its official posters, which are basically candid stills of the teasers. I like the concept, but… Continue reading

misty holds wrap party

Ahhhhhh. My initial suspicion that Tae Wook could be the culprit has come true but then again, Misty is anything but straightforward so I expect a couple more twists as the drama powers… Continue reading

preview: the great seducer episode 5-6

And so the seduction starts. Tae Hee does seem quite resilient though she is slowly falling for Shi Hyun’s charms. I find Shi Hyun more playful than dangerous, but I guess that is… Continue reading

love + regret + affairs in let’s watch the sunset holding hands

I’m still thinking whether to watch this drama because I’m not in the mood for something too sad. But Han Hye Jin and Yoon Sang Hyun are looking so solid in their portrayals… Continue reading

preview: misty episode 13

I finally caught up with Misty… and it’s the best drama I’ve seen this year. Not that I’ve watched many for the past two-plus months, but it is soooo darned good and intellectually… Continue reading

mutual teasing between joy + woo do hwan @ vlive interview

What would we do without vlive interviews? Anyway, the cast of The Great Seducer, also known as Tempted, gathered for a vlive interview, and I gotta say they a lot brighter than their… Continue reading

let’s live together holds press conference + drops highlights teaser

Awwwww… Yoo Dong Geun is such an adorable and dandy appa! He and Jang Mi Hee play first loves who meet again after 36 years. I’ll definitely check this out because well, it… Continue reading