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first love, first song

A bunch of stills released for We Meet In Our Memories, the upcoming movie starring Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun. Both are good individually, and I don’t see them faltering horribly… Continue reading

couple cuteness

Kill me, these two are just too lovable and visually gorgeous together. Son Ye Jin uploaded on Instagram a pic of she and So Ji Sub just before greeted fans at Yeongdeungpo CGV… Continue reading

star part-timers + more attend be with you vip premiere

The VIP premiere of Be With You was held on the evening of March 12. Son Ye Jin’s celebrity girlfriends turned up in full force while So Ji Sub’s BFF, Song Seung Heon… Continue reading

cheese in the trap holds vip premiere

Cheese In The Trap held its VIP premiere on March 7, with Park Hae Jin and Oh Yeon Seo leading the cast. I still find it rather superfluous that a film version was… Continue reading

eyes on them

The Korean media is going gaga over So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin as they promote their new movie, Be With You. The two actors and the movie director attended a press… Continue reading

love on bus

Well, goodies continue to be dished out for Be With You, with yet another set of posters featuring Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub. They posters are pretty, the actors are pretty,… Continue reading

be with them…

GAAAAAAAH. Can they get any more swoooooony? Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub holds hands and hug for Cine21 Magazine. It’s emotive and stirring in its simplicity. So gorgeous and their chemistry… Continue reading

be with you drops more stills

Totally looking at these two in new light after watching their vlive interview. Vlive interviews are the best platforms to suss out couple chemistry, eh? Heh. Anyway, these are sweet stills but it… Continue reading

be with you drops posters and trailer

Decided to do up a separate post on posters and trailer separately. I just like these two so much individually that seeing them together in a project feels all sorts of great on… Continue reading

meeting them now

I can’t help squealing at the sight of Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub together.They turned up to meet the press to chat about their new movie, Be With You. I honestly… Continue reading

zombie sageuk all wrapped up

Fliming for zombie sageuk, Rampant has wrapped after five months of filming. Headlined by Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun, it is one of the most highly anticipated blockbusters in the pipeline. Jang… Continue reading

han hyo joo joins golden slumber cast for talk session

Han Hye Joo finally made an appearance with the rest of the all-male cast of Golden Slumber, which stars Kang Dong Won as a deliveryman who accidentally gets caught up in a huge… Continue reading