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just us men

Lee Jung Jae and Yeo Jin Goo are trotting the promo circuit for their new sageuk film, Enemy Soldier, which will hit screens next week. Lee Jung Jae commented that his younger co-star… Continue reading

enemy soldier drops blood-pumping trailer

Lee Jung Jae should act in more sageuks. His new movie, Enemy Soldier, features him as an bodyguard to the infamous Prince Gwang Hae, played by Yeo Jin Goo. It is a well-known… Continue reading

so ji sub + son ye jin mull over movie together

These back-to-back posts on Son Ye Jin are utterly unintentional but damn… I would love to see So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin burning up my screen as a OTP. This may… Continue reading

father’s daughter holds vip premiere

Park Bo Geom set aside time to attend the VIP premiere of Father’s Daughter, a body-swapping comedy about a father-daughter pair who gets the opportunity to be each other. Jung So Min stars.… Continue reading

the merciless drops trailer

Im Shi Wan is red hot property and unstoppable. He has yet another movie due to hit the screens soon – The Merciless. He plays a young, ambitious gang member who crosses swords… Continue reading

lee jung jae + kim woo bin for wiretap

Already love the  confirmed cast so far and am pretty sure more A-listers will be added soon enough for upcoming Korean movie, Wiretap. It is a remake of  the Hong Kong film, Overheard, which… Continue reading

one day holds vip premiere + reunites shark cast

AHHHHHH! My Soo Hyun and Yi Hyun together again! And one of my fave drama bromances… Yi Soo and Soo Hyun!!! One Day helds its VIP premiere and Kim Nam Gil’s Shark co-stars,… Continue reading

one day with kim nam gil

Ah. Kim Nam Gil’s hair has resumed some discipline. He continues to dutifully work the promo circuit for his new movie, One Day, with his sanguine co-star, Cheon Woo Hee. At some angles,… Continue reading

make a wish with gong yoo

Tickets to Gong Yoo’s fan meeting in Taipei sold out in 10 minutes. That’s all. I thought the promo poster was gorgeous…Gong Yoo is gorgeous. If Gong Yoo is going to make all… Continue reading

the king’s case note releases trailer

Lee Seon Kyun is a Joseon king in his latest movie. HA. A whip-smart one with a nose for solving mysteries at that. Ahn Jae Hong is his bumbling, clumsy sidekick who is… Continue reading

one line holds vip premiere

Jin Goo’s Night Light leading ladies came to support him. Lee Yo Won was all classy sophistication though I’m not partial to flowery tops, while poor Uee was a patchy mess in the… Continue reading

lee jung jae’s new movie drops posters

Tentatively titled Enemy Soldier in English, Lee Jung Jae stars as the bodyguard to the famous – or infamous – Prince Gwang Hae, played by Yeo Jin Gu. The posters read “The King… Continue reading