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the game holds press conference

The Game helds its press conference on January 22 ahead of its premiere the same evening on MBC.The trailers look decent though Lee Yeon Hee being the only person Taecyeon is unable to… Continue reading

money game holds press conference

The cast of Money Game alternated between seriousness and smiles at the press conference on January 8. Lee Sung Min, Go Soo and Shim Eun Kyung form a formidable trio and I can’t… Continue reading

romantic doctor teacher kim 2 holds press conference

It’s Round 2 for Han Suk Kyu as the medical maverick-cum-genius and he looked as happy as ever with his mix of old-new cast members. Everyone adhered to the sombre dress code though… Continue reading

touch holds press conference

Channel A’s Touch held its press conference on January 3 ahead of its premiere the same evening. Joo Sang Wook and Kim Bo Ra look more like siblings or young uncle-cousin rather than… Continue reading

closet cast greets press

There is no rest for the talented. Ha Jung Woo and Kim Nam Gil met the press on January 2 to promote their new movie, Closet. I genuinely can’t recall if they have… Continue reading

prosecutor civil war holds press conference

Prosecutor Civil War held its press conference on December 16 ahead of its premiere the same evening. I genuinely like the supporting cast, especially Lee Sung Jae, Kim Kwang Kyu (Is he wearing… Continue reading

queen: love and war holds press conference

Queen: Love And War held its press conference on December 12. I thought the OTP shots were adorable, with Kim Min Kyu flashing Lee Seo Jin Lite dimples. He is good-looking and tall… Continue reading

black dog holds press conference

I just love Ra Mi Ran and her antics. Black Dog held its press conference on December 11 and the veteran actress was just hamming it up. Co-star Seo Hyun Jin participated somewhat… Continue reading

crash landing on you holds press conference

Crash Landing On You held its press conference on December 9. Son Ye Jin seemed to be the only one who didn’t get the dress code memo – she looked as if she… Continue reading

chocolate holds press conference + releases long trailer

Chocolate held its press conference and dropped its highlights teaser. Ha Ji Won’s salmon-pink dress was simple yet lovely, while the men opted for straight-up black suits. I believe the author that it… Continue reading

chief of staff season 2 holds press conference

Didn’t think there would be a press conference for the second season of Chief of Staff. The main cast gathered on November 7, in decidedly less formal wear as compared to the first… Continue reading

vip holds press conference

Team VIP was on fire for its press conference, even forming the title alphabets with their persons. Still 50-50 on watching this since Lee Sang Yoon is the only actor I enjoy in… Continue reading