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clean calling

Teaser of the first episode of First Clean With Passion Now. Yoon Kyun Sang is winning me over with his cuddly warmth even though his character is anything but in the drama. Kim… Continue reading

preview: beauty inside episode 15

Happiness! Do Jae decides to take a gamble and go for the surgery, hating the idea that his last memory of Se Gye is one of her crying. He promises her that he… Continue reading

preview: beauty inside episode 14

My updates will be sporadic for a bit because I’m on the road and will be crossing time zones. That means I can’t watch Episode 14 of Beauty Inside until hours later!!!! Same… Continue reading

preview: beauty inside episode 13

Se Gye returns to her normal self. She asks Do Jae how he acquired his condition… and finds out she was the one who made him this way. That explains her teary, angry… Continue reading

preview: beauty inside episode 5

Can Monday come faster? Do Jae suggests he and Se Gye date and become the Couple of the Century. I guess pairing a top star and chaebol heir would qualify for that dubious… Continue reading

preview: the great seducer epsiode 13-14

The drama is frustrating in the sense that every time it takes a step forward in writing, it follows up with another step backward. If the writing was better, this genuinely could be… Continue reading

preview: misty episode 7

Revenge is sweet for Eun Joo as she finds ways to sow seeds of distrust between Hye Ran and Tae Wook. Admittedly, it isn’t a difficult feat since the couple have been estranged… Continue reading

preview: misty episode 5

The more you try to knock her down, the more defiant Hye Ran gets. But this time, with a murder charge hanging over head, she needs more than her tough-as-nails act to mitigate… Continue reading

misty releases teaser, posters and stills

Whoa. JTBC just upped my expectations and excitement for Misty with its first teaser. I thought it would be something in the legalistic, corporate tone of Whisper, but I’m getting more vibes along… Continue reading

preview: just between lovers episode 5

I can’t pinpoint exactly why I’m enjoying Just Between Lovers besides the fact that I’m loving Won Jin Ah so much, so much. The pace of the drama is very measured and contemplative,… Continue reading

the most beautiful goodbye…

Choi Ji Woo tears up for The Most Beautiful Goodbye. She hasn’t done a tearjerker in years and she will make up for lost time in this four-part tvN series about a mother… Continue reading

preview: 20th century boy and girl episodes 21-22

Jin Jin now has to maintain two relationships – her real love with Ji Won and her reel love with Anthony. It’s a bizarre situation to be in but it really shines the… Continue reading