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a reason to protect

Lawless Lawyer didn’t disappoint with its first two episodes. There is tons of action, a solid enough narrative that believably weaves all the main players together, spicy OTP chemistry and a sleek execution.… Continue reading

an act within an act to hide the truth?

I think Episodes 9-10 of The Great Seducer were the most coherent and cohesive I’ve seen so far in terms of the writing and the funny in relation to the OTP. Woo Do… Continue reading

the plot thickens…

Misty notched over 7 per cent in TV ratings for Episode 6, and is considered a bona fide success for JTBC. The drama keeps getting better and better, as more players join the… Continue reading

when you play with fire…

You get burnt, all right. Gripping. Gripping, Gripping. Misty is so darned good. Kim Nam Joo and Jin Ji Hee are unstoppable. They are killing their roles with exquisite precision and I’m devouring… Continue reading

journey to jeju

Just finished watching the first episode of Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast Season 2. It is as enjoyable as Season 1, just that Jeju looked soooooooo cold and icy. Very pretty though, like a… Continue reading

getting misty eyed…

I LIKE MISTY. If you are looking for a sweet, heartrendering romance to swoon and sob over, this drama isn’t it. If you are looking for a slickly packaged, entertaining story with some… Continue reading

misty off to a strong start with mysterious deaths, illicit affairs, dsyfunctional marriages and burning ambitions

The first episode of JTBC’s Misty has reeled me in with classy, nuanced acting by both Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee. The storyline is intriguing and layered, with the simmering animosity… Continue reading

star service

The second season of Youn’s Kitchen continues to captivate me, and I’m not the only one since the ratings for the previous episode was the highest ever on tvN for a variety show.… Continue reading

band of butlers

Lee Seung Gi sure can talk. Non-stop. His time in the army hasn’t taken away his gift of the gab. I’ve watched the first two episodes of Butlers, and I like it enough.… Continue reading

lured by money flower

I decided to heed the advice of readers who encouraged me to check Money Flower out. I ended up marathon-ing Episode 1 till 7 at one go. HA! It’s like Empire of Gold… Continue reading

rin + san = rinsan [part 3]

I’m following currently-showing dramas but at the same time, rewatching The King Loves. Not to write these gushing reviews but to slowly appreciate how consummate Song Ji Na was in terms of telling… Continue reading

it’s okay to cry…

I knew I would somewhat be entertained by Meloholic, and I am. Our hero, Eun Ho, thanks to a lightning strike, is able to read people’s minds with one touch of the other… Continue reading