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appetiser + poolside kisses

Aiiish. This drama makes my day. I love Jin Wook’s blunt honesty and Yoo Mi’s grudging honesty. I keep using the adjective “refreshing” to describe the drama because it just is. Episode 8… Continue reading

overcoming the hiccups

My Secret Romance is just so… refreshingly uncomplicated and straightforward despite it exhibiting all the stereotypical drama tropes. What I wouldn’t give for a guy and gal who clear up misunderstandings or apologise… Continue reading

not really just a one-night stand after all…

Cinderella left her glass slipper while Yoo Mi left her boob pads. I’m utterly charmed by My Secret Romance, its OTP, and Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun. I don’t care how cheesy… Continue reading

embracing the sweet + sexy secret romance…

I watched the first two episodes of My Secret Romance back-to-back…and I love it!!!It’s amazing what great chemistry can make up for and I’ll share four moments in the hasty-but-sexy tumble-in-the-car scene that… Continue reading

movie minutes: master + pandora

Have decided to do brief movie reviews wherever I can because Korean cinema  produces stellar stuff consistently. I’m no movie critic so everything penned is my own thoughts and musings. I usually catch… Continue reading

what I’m watching…or not

I’ve been lost and drama-less since the conclusion of The Lonely, Shining Goblin. But I tackled a few of the various new offerings last week and I’m surprised at my eventual choice of… Continue reading

super supernatural

She can see the sword! I think Kim Eun Sook has outdone herself with her new drama since I’m captivated by the main characters, and the storyline three epsiodes in. Kudos to Gong… Continue reading

scarred heart: so

What a horrible ending. I didn’t need my tissues at all. Lee Jun Ki IS Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – the brave heart and soul of this incredibly messy, confusing, inconsistent drama. A stellar… Continue reading

letting go…

“I didn’t let her go. She was the one who let go of me first.” So loses Baek Ah, and ultimately Soo. No thanks to kingly duties and decisions he has to make… Continue reading

too little… too late

I cannot count how many times So walked away from Soo in this episode. Soo makes a difficult decision, one which would cause heartbreak and tears all around. So grapples with the fact… Continue reading

love + power

The throne is lonely, scary place to be. So discovers that his ascension to the throne does not lessen his problems but in fact multiplies them. He loses people he love – both… Continue reading

kingly ambition…at the expense of love

Tell me you’re not in love with that pair of eyes…The broadcast of the drama in China went on as scheduled so I’ll review according to the Chinese version. I don’t know how… Continue reading