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where does love begin…

20th Century Boy and Girl is such a sweet, sweet show. It is mildly contemplative, but the narrative still moves with a nifty pace. The four episodes this week revealed a little more… Continue reading

a boisterous revolution…

Revolutionary Love is quite in-your-face in terms of comedy but somehow I’m enjoying the ride. It’s harmlessly humorous, with a louder-than-life OTP filled with brash charm. I don’t think it will be a… Continue reading

rin + san = rinsan [part 2]

RinSan happened so organically that I don’t even know when I officially starting rooting for them. On second watch, I don’t think the characters knew either when they officially fell in love with… Continue reading

20th century boy and girl bubbles with beguiling charm

Watch 20th Century Boy and Girl!!! It’s not crack (yet) but I’m fairly confident I’m going to stick to this drama since I’m not watching anything else at the moment. Maybe I’ll add… Continue reading

rin + san = rinsan [part 1]

RinSan. Probably the most selfless, heartrenderingly honest, soul-searing, unconditional and beautiful love story I have ever come across in dramaland. Never have a couple deserved more to be together, to have their happy… Continue reading

love to live… live to love

Beautiful Drama. Unforgettable ending. I LOVE SONG JI NA. She has stolen my heart again with The King Loves, and is definitely my favourite drama writer out there. I haven’t bawled so much… Continue reading

love is… love

First, Rin. Now, San. Goodness. These two belong to, and deserve each other since their willingness to sacrifice themselves for their loved ones is just…humbling. Some may think they are crazy and foolish,… Continue reading

imperfect love is still love…

. The King Loves wraps up next week and it has been quite a tumultuous journey. It spawned an intense shipping war, which made me re-look my initial thoughts of the drama compared… Continue reading

rin. just rin.

RIN. Song Ji Na has done the impossible. She has beaten herself and written such a beautiful character in Rin that he has knocked her Choi Young from Faith off his long-standing pedestal… Continue reading

perils of fate…

How long would San keep Rin waiting as she tries to detangle herself from her fate with Won? Is Won finally going over to the dark side? He knows that San doesn’t love… Continue reading

light + loss

Live Up To Your Name is holding me with its tight characterisation and tacit, multi-faceted portrayals. Plus, I got to revel in loads more classy acting by Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah… Continue reading

 a kiss goodbye…

I think we can safely bid RinSan farewell for now with this kiss. It is their first and could be very well their last. You’ll understand why I think so as you read… Continue reading