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all secrets revealed

The lead-up to the kiss between Lee Kyung and Eun Bo wasn’t too bad since he did kiss her while fully aware of her identity. The execution was a little awkward though. It… Continue reading

an unforgettable performance

Oh man. I REALLY MISS having My Country to kick-start my weekends. To cope, I shall reminisce on the aspects that I really loved about the drama. Shall start with Yang Se Jong… Continue reading

king is doing all the loving and warring

Queen: Love And War should be called King: Love And War since Lee Kyung, played by a conscientious and earnest Kim Min Kyu, seems to be doing all the heavy-lifting when it comes… Continue reading

doctoring ahead

I really, really like Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 just two episodes in. It kicked off with a robust start and the ratings prove it. Han Suk Kyu is killing it again as… Continue reading

queen: love and war scores viewership

TV Chosun’s sageuk series, Queen: Love And War is doing well, with Episode 6 notching 4.3 per cent. Granted, a couple of dramas were pre-empted this past weekend but I find it entertaining… Continue reading

prosecutor civil war off to a saucy start

I found the first two episodes of Prosecutor Civil War enjoyable and entertaining, and will likely follow it. I didn’t expect the title to be a literal translation of the fiery relationship between… Continue reading

another accident, another time-jump

Chocolate touches and frustrates me at the same time. After watching Episode 3 and 4, I am bewildered as to why Lee Kyung Hee is hard-pressed to write so many superfluous over- dramatic… Continue reading

a mish-mash brew of chocolate

A lot happens in the first two episodes of Lee Kyung Hee’s latest “human melo”, Chocolate. I found it somewhat watchable but personally, I thought too much happened and the scenarios played out… Continue reading

hwihee: incredibly painful… quietly strong… exquisitely moving

Sigh. HwiHee. Such a tragic, yet courageous, committed love. Their ending was tragic in the sense that Hwi died yet Hee Jae bravely continuing Hwi’s dream of being with and protecting the people… Continue reading

when all is enough for those you love

My Country ended on a devastating, soul-shattering note that imploded and exploded my heart and senses. The loose ends were tied up at best, but really….the drama was mainly driven by relationships and… Continue reading

till my last breath… my dream will always be you…

I think I love HwiHee as much as RinSan. Hwi was Hwi till the end; Hee Jae was Hee Jae till the end. I cried so much in the final episode of My… Continue reading

he doesn’t want to keep her waiting any longer

Hwi and Hee Jae are close to topping my list as the most functional OTP ever. They are the Joseon version of a very busy, working couple who manage to keep the fire… Continue reading