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live up to your name is living beyond my expectations…

If this yummy, dreamy shot of Kim Nam Gil all scruffy with a wild mane of glory in modern time doesn’t pique your interest in Live Up To Your Name… there is always… Continue reading

the tipping point

Won has finally flipped and lost his lid with his father. I enjoyed the build-up to the climatic last scene, since it finally dawns on Won that he cannot avoid or not acknowledge… Continue reading

when a woman loves…

FINALLY. A heroine who sincerely values friendship above everything else – even budding romance. I love San for choosing to preserve the deep-rooted friendship between the men at her own heartbreak and peril…… Continue reading

all masks off…

The real conflict begins now that everyone’s secret identities are unmasked. Though it is rather dubious that Won didn’t recognise San at the wedding ceremony since she was veiled similarly at the festival… Continue reading

loving someone you can’t have…

The plot thickens. My hearts sinks. My love for The King Loves rockets. Oh…RIN!!! I cried for him today. I think I will be crying for Won tomorrow. And yes, as a woman,… Continue reading

the art + act of tacit, absolute understanding

If Hong Jong Hyun ever needed a breakthrough role, Wang Rin is it. I swear I nearly cried today because of the way he quietly portrayed Wang Rin’s hidden tender feelings for Eun… Continue reading

three is not a crowd… when the trio strike a bittersweet chord

OMO. My heart. HURTS. The King Loves is such a lush, intricately woven story. I can sort of see where Song Ji Na is going with this – or at least how she is… Continue reading

the king loves… and knows

Song Ji Na has done it again. She again masterfully explores the fragile balance between loyalty, love and friendship with exquisite characterisation and heart-wrenching realism that I loved in Faith. The love triangle… Continue reading

appetiser + poolside kisses

Aiiish. This drama makes my day. I love Jin Wook’s blunt honesty and Yoo Mi’s grudging honesty. I keep using the adjective “refreshing” to describe the drama because it just is. Episode 8… Continue reading

overcoming the hiccups

My Secret Romance is just so… refreshingly uncomplicated and straightforward despite it exhibiting all the stereotypical drama tropes. What I wouldn’t give for a guy and gal who clear up misunderstandings or apologise… Continue reading

not really just a one-night stand after all…

Cinderella left her glass slipper while Yoo Mi left her boob pads. I’m utterly charmed by My Secret Romance, its OTP, and Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun. I don’t care how cheesy… Continue reading

embracing the sweet + sexy secret romance…

I watched the first two episodes of My Secret Romance back-to-back…and I love it!!!It’s amazing what great chemistry can make up for and I’ll share four moments in the hasty-but-sexy tumble-in-the-car scene that… Continue reading