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band of butlers

Lee Seung Gi sure can talk. Non-stop. His time in the army hasn’t taken away his gift of the gab. I’ve watched the first two episodes of Butlers, and I like it enough.… Continue reading

lured by money flower

I decided to heed the advice of readers who encouraged me to check Money Flower out. I ended up marathon-ing Episode 1 till 7 at one go. HA! It’s like Empire of Gold… Continue reading

rin + san = rinsan [part 3]

I’m following currently-showing dramas but at the same time, rewatching The King Loves. Not to write these gushing reviews but to slowly appreciate how consummate Song Ji Na was in terms of telling… Continue reading

it’s okay to cry…

I knew I would somewhat be entertained by Meloholic, and I am. Our hero, Eun Ho, thanks to a lightning strike, is able to read people’s minds with one touch of the other… Continue reading

like him like a person… and a man

I love that Jin Jin doesn’t think for a second Anthony could be someone she could date for real because to her, he’s her idol even though his star has waned and she’s… Continue reading

laughing spell

I was chuckling throughout the two episodes of Witch’s Courtroom this week, which I’m sure isn’t exactly appropriate for a legal drama. But Jung Ryeo Won’s Ma Yi Deum is just so shamelessly… Continue reading

crush zone versus comfort zone

How do lingering teenage emotions translate into 30+ adult attraction? Episodes 9 and 10 of 20th Century Boy And Girl were so much fun with all that friend zoning, fangirling, eternal crushes, first… Continue reading

the likeable legal witch

I’ve caught up with Witch’s Courtroom and I get why it is leading the Monday-Tuesday pack. Jung Ryeo Won’s prickly, brash prosecutor character makes the show dynamic, and Yoon Hyun Min’s steady performance… Continue reading

where does love begin…

20th Century Boy and Girl is such a sweet, sweet show. It is mildly contemplative, but the narrative still moves with a nifty pace. The four episodes this week revealed a little more… Continue reading

a boisterous revolution…

Revolutionary Love is quite in-your-face in terms of comedy but somehow I’m enjoying the ride. It’s harmlessly humorous, with a louder-than-life OTP filled with brash charm. I don’t think it will be a… Continue reading

rin + san = rinsan [part 2]

RinSan happened so organically that I don’t even know when I officially starting rooting for them. On second watch, I don’t think the characters knew either when they officially fell in love with… Continue reading

20th century boy and girl bubbles with beguiling charm

Watch 20th Century Boy and Girl!!! It’s not crack (yet) but I’m fairly confident I’m going to stick to this drama since I’m not watching anything else at the moment. Maybe I’ll add… Continue reading