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kim woo bin diagnosed with early-stage throat cancer

Kim Woo Bin has been diagnosed with a rare form of throat cancer but fortunately, the disease is in the early stages and treatable. The actor has started on drug treatment and radiation… Continue reading

han ji min attends yoon so yi + jo sung yoon’s wedding

Han Ji Min posted a photo of herself and the actor couple at their wedding. The couple released a few pics, all sweet and beaming. Just another pretty wedding with another pretty couple… Continue reading

joo sang wook + cha ye ryun all smiles jetting off for wedding shoot

Sweeeeeeet. Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun were snapped at Incheon International Airport, clutching hands, hugging, giggling and making hearts. They look so infectiously happy that I’m happy for them just by… Continue reading

lee jun ki sizzles in singapore

There seems to be tons of good-quality clips of Lee Jun Ki’s Asia Tour stop in Singapore and well, I’m dying and swooning and screaming as I watch him swaying to Sexy Back… Continue reading

happy 2017!!!

… to everyone!!! Thanks to the wonderful love and interest you have shown to this blog, recent stats showed that breathlesssurvival has surpassed 1 million visitors and 3 mllion views. I’m touched and… Continue reading

su ae pads up for winter

Su Ae revealed her softer, bubbly side in her recent drama, The Man Living In Our House, and she continues to do so for fashion brand, Olivia Lauren. I love her naturally tousled… Continue reading

shin min ah heats up 1st look

Shin Min Ah is radiant amid swirling snow, all bundled up in stylish parkas for 1st Look magazine. She is currently filming a time-travel drama with Lee Je Hoon, which is slated to… Continue reading

preview: on the way to the airport episode 7

Soo Ah and Do Woo finally succumb to their attraction to each other and that is a passionate kiss. Phew! Meanwhile, their respective spouses, who have been rather self-centred so far, realise that… Continue reading

lee seo jin goes for a breezy spin

Na PD loves putting Lee Seo Jin through the grind by coercing (forcing?) him to do the most ridiculous, unexpected things. Or better yet, the PD relishes making his grumpy hyung do things… Continue reading

kim sae ron goes from angel to witch

Kim Sae Ron is set to star with Yoon Shi Yoon in a new fantasy sageuk by jTBC. She stars as a Joseon princess-turned-witch while Yoon Shi Yoon is Heo Jun, a historical figure… Continue reading

charged up

I’m thoroughly enjoying Descendants of the Sun on a pure entertainment level, plus there’s my growing love for Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won’s antagonistic loveline. This is the best I ever liked… Continue reading

page turner releases a trio of teasers

What a refreshing change of tempo. I thought Page Turner was going to be brewing with angst and theatrics,  but now it seems we have a naggy, saucy,  shrewish motor mouth in Kim So Hyun.… Continue reading