where does love begin…

20th Century Boy and Girl is such a sweet, sweet show. It is mildly contemplative, but the narrative still moves with a nifty pace. The four episodes this week revealed a little more… Continue reading

swish, don’t stand

It’s one of those dresses that looks better when the wearer is in motion rather than stock still. I’m bizarrely struck by Honey Lee’s dress, which she wore for a meet with the… Continue reading

yoona blooms for instyle [updated]

I honestly did not intend to have back-to-back posts on Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun to avoid overkill but these pics popped up on my radar. Won’t be too surprised if all the… Continue reading

more hong jong hyun…

Sorry, posting this on the go so can’t say much. More scans of His Royal Hotness from the photo book. I’ll update my earlier post if I find more of him and Yoona… Continue reading

a boisterous revolution…

Revolutionary Love is quite in-your-face in terms of comedy but somehow I’m enjoying the ride. It’s harmlessly humorous, with a louder-than-life OTP filled with brash charm. I don’t think it will be a… Continue reading

their eyes… their hands… their chemistry

Her eyes… say it all. His hands… say it all. Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun scans from The King Loves photobook. And I can’t believe the cart driver was Rin all along. Ha.… Continue reading

youthful fall

Kim So Hyun is the cover girl for the November issue of Ceci magazine. It is a departure from her usual sweet, schoolgirl look though I can’t decide whether her hairstyle is fashionable… Continue reading

hot wheels

Mondays are always dreary for me so I thought will kick start my busy week with a shot of eye candy in the form of a dark-haired Hong Jong Hyun driving a car.… Continue reading

woo hyun-ah…

My goodness. I haven’t seen this boy in ages and I’m glad to see him again. I don’t really follow Infinite that closely but why do I get the feeling they haven’t been… Continue reading

meloholic is all sunny + fluffy

SO CUTE. I’m pretty optimistic about OCN’s Meloholic after seeing this clip of the script reading and poster making. This is mainly because of Kyung Soo Jin – who looks so sunny and… Continue reading

bad guys right at ya

Another teaser. Joo Jin Mo!!!! Those intense eyes… phew! He is so gonna rock as a villain in OCN’s Bad Guys and I can’t wait. Why are all my fave Oppas returning to… Continue reading

preview: 20th century boy and girl episode 5

Awww… I like that we skip the angst for this OTP and dive straight into the fuzzy warmth. Ji Won reappears in Jin Jin’s life, and doesn’t seem to be wasting time picking… Continue reading