joseon gunman holds press conference + unveils extended trailer

The much-anticipated KBS drama Joseon Gunman held its press conference earlier today and amazingly…no strange hair, funky suits and bizarre dresses were seen. The four leads all looked sane and chic – there… Continue reading

preview: You Light Up My Star Episode 4

It’s once bitten, twice shy and thrice bitten for Man Ling when it comes to Yu Bin. The man is a loose cannon and probably nursing a seven-year vengeful obsession towards Man Ling… Continue reading

tony yang + joe cheng at the shanghai international film festival

Tony Yang and Joe Cheng walked the red carpet at the Shanghai International Film Festival and later appeared together again for promo activities for a film they are starring in directed by Annie… Continue reading

silly + lovable rom-coms for the summer

What’s summer without frivolous rom-coms? I love rom-coms when done right. Doesn’t matter if they are little dubious or ridiculous or a mite cheesy. If the actors can pull their characters off well… Continue reading

review: Wonderful Season 33-34

The OTP award for the drama goes to Lee Seo Jin + Yoon Yeo Jung. These two actors never fail to bristle with heart-tugging gravitas when it’s just the two of them in… Continue reading

rain + kim tae hee enjoy a bbq date before heading off separately to china for work

Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s recent bbq date has been the talk of the town. They managed to sneak a quick dinner together at a restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul, before jetting off to… Continue reading

review: You Light Up My Star Episode 3

We learn a little more of Man Ling in this episode: behind that friendly, glamorous goddess fa├žade is an insecure little girl who maybe never really grew up due to her own inner… Continue reading

thank you for liking me back…

And we have our first kiss. Though I thought the setup was a little awkward. But thankfully, we have lovely characters in Jae Woo and Da Jung, thus, exactly how they go about… Continue reading

superhero surprise@roommate

Kang Joon discovers that being a superhero is tiring business. Seong Woo and Se Ho support Chan Yeol at Inkigayo, while Min Woo takes his roomie to meet his parents. Nana and Ga… Continue reading

lee min ho leaves for china promo amidst fan frenzy

Lee Min Ho left for a whirlwind promo trip to China earlier today and was greeted by a barrage of fans at Gimpo Airport. He has been off the radar since starting work… Continue reading

come and play in my room…

OMO. OMO. Episode 15 of Feel-Good Day had me squealing and swooning. You’ll get the meaning of the title of the post if you read on. The OTP is true-blue awesomeness with their… Continue reading

run, run, run to you

WORLD CUP SEASON. So forgive me if reviews lag a little. Anyway, gotta give it to the writer of Feel-Good Day for coming up with normal but cute ways to generate some skinship… Continue reading