1 minute of chemistry…

I just came across this old promotional clip of The Pursuit Of Happiness and I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. So much goodness crammed into 69 seconds and quite a few… Continue reading

secret love affair holds press conference

Love the chemistry between Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In. It’s just so pitch-perfect and appropriate for their roles in Secret Love Affair. The 20-minute trailer released chronicles a very passionate piano-playing… Continue reading

lee min ho is sexily rumpled for star1

My sexy Minho is baaaaaaack. I’ve been loathing his flower boy styling post-Heirs but Star1 saves the day again with their latest issue. The last time he was featured was right after he… Continue reading

mike he + ady an drama drops trailer

I’m really hoping that the official English title for the long-anticipated Mike He-Ady An drama really isn’t My Pig Lady, which I’m guessing is a crass reference to My Fair Lady since the… Continue reading

review: Wonderful Season Episode 5-6

I don’t know how many times Hae Won has to endure Dong Seok walking away from her. And I presume this will happen often as long her daft mom and sis continue to… Continue reading

her dress is as pretty as his abs…

My love for The Pursuit Of Happiness has not waned one bit though the drama wrapped up in early January. My adoration for Tony Yang and Sonia Sui individually and as a pair… Continue reading

review: Emergency Couple Episode 13

Who do you prefer? Someone who sets your heart fluttering or someone you are used to? That’s actually the main decision Jin Hee has to make since both Chang Min and Dr Guk… Continue reading

review: Emergency Couple Episode 12

I enjoyed the last five minutes of the episode – minus that awkward kiss. It’s so satisfying when drama characters actually react, feel and think like normal people. But that doesn’t mean I… Continue reading

joe cheng + janine chang make out in the snow

Bless Taiwanese dramas for never ever skimping on proper skinship. Joe Cheng and Janine Chang braved freezing weather (-5 Degree Celsius) to film this dreamy smooch in the snow for their upcoming drama… Continue reading

wonderful season releases first ost

Love, love this song. Sung by Shin Jae, it is entitled “Han sarameul uihan maeum” – which loosely translates to “a heart for one person”.There isn’t an English-subbed version yet, but trust me,… Continue reading

preview: Grandpas Over Flowers Episode 1

Can Gramps United be any more adorable??? And can Lee Seo Jin be any hotter??? The preview for Episode 1 of Grandpas Over Flowers is out and it looks even funnier than the… Continue reading

lee min ho takes a hike for eider

Time flies and we’re getting new spring ads for Eider again. Lee Min Ho jetted to New Zealand to shoot the campaign and it is Eider is as Eider does. He looks great… Continue reading