song kang ho + yoo ah in face off in sado

The two actors were so immersed in their respective characters – check out Song Kang Ho’s steely gaze and Yoo Ah In’s agitated fury – that all we have to do is copy-and-paste… Continue reading

lee min ho to kickstart global tour in fall

It has been announced that Lee Min Ho will be embarking on a global tour come September 2014. SIGH. That kinda means Gangnam Blues will be his only major acting project for 2014.… Continue reading

lee seo jin is laidback sexy in kbs kwave

Leo Seo Jin recently graced the cover of KBS KWave, all groomed and dimpled. With Wonderful Season wrapping up its run in a few weeks, fans of Lee Seo Jin better take the… Continue reading

review: You Light Up My Star Episode 9

Absence makes the heart grow fonder as the couple miss each other as they individually go on with their lives and work for the first time in years. For Man Ling, it is… Continue reading

tickling times@roommate

It’s war as the roomies fight for most-wanted items from each other’s rooms. Jo Se Ho and Lee Dong Wook get their room stripped bare and ultimately, they are kicked out from it… Continue reading

joe cheng + janine chang prove chemistry can be created & kisses are just part of the job

” We thought it would be boring to kiss the same all the time. So we decided to improvise to ensure all our kissing scenes were different and exhibited various types of sparks.”… Continue reading

sonia sui’s leading men: past + future

Double Hotness. Sonia Sui is snapping up all the awesome, manly dudes as co-stars. Tony Yang recently uploaded a picture of him and BFF Joseph Chang on Instagram and how much do I… Continue reading

hong jong hyun + song yoon ah… first encounter in mama

Half the time, drama OTPs meet under less-than-amicable circumstances and I’m assuming the characters of Hong Jong Hyun and Song Yoon Ah in Mama don’t start off on the right foot. That being… Continue reading

review: Marriage Without Love Episode 8

What does it take for Ki Tae to see the light? A hundred wedding dresses and a runaway bride? Jang Mi gets mercilessly led by the nose by Ki Tae’s mother into wedding… Continue reading

man around the house

Hong Jong Hyun is awfully useful to have around the house. And I love his off-duty style. Granted he’s a model but at least he sticks to a neutral palette most of the… Continue reading

getting up to date with yutaka takenouchi…

I got my work piled up when it comes to catching up with the eternally drool-worthy Yutaka Takenouchi. I’ve just watched Calmi Cuori Appassionati again…sigh. Love, love, love. I have yet to catch… Continue reading

three musketeers drops suave action teaser

Ooohhh. I like the way the Crown Prince calmly surveys his three kick-ass fighters as they whip butt and only stepping in coolly to save his own wifey, while ex-lover looks on from… Continue reading