super daddy yeol’s cast gets the ball rolling at script reading

Since I’m less than neutral towards Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yu Ri, my interest wasn’t piqued by news of their collaboration or the drama teasers released. But when I watched the clip… Continue reading

yoona + lin geng xin share a sweet hug

I think one of the main reasons why I relish this pairing so much is the fact that they seem to get along great behind the scenes. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that… Continue reading

unkind women drops highlights teaser

Song Jae Rim is lookin’ all sorts of adorable sexy – even with his shirt on. HA. Kinda like the fact he is quite the cool, detached man here despite his real-life bubbly… Continue reading

Triumph In The Skies soars…

Quick. Go watch Hong Kong movie Triumph In The Skies if it is showing in your region. I caught it recently and it surpassed my expectations by a mile. The three interwoven romances… Continue reading

bluebird’s house debuts with slight humdrum

Bluebird’s House aired its first episode and well…there is already some suspicious undercurrents going on with the older generation. Maybe I would have enjoyed the episode more if actors I prefer were helming… Continue reading

I will find you by clannad

Heh. It must be strange seeing me post about a Hollywood movie. I can’t believe I found a ‘live’ version of what ranks as my ultimate, unforgettable movie soundtrack of my favourite movie… Continue reading

kim tae hee heads to the US for photo shoot

Oooh. One of my fave outfits on Kim Tae Hee so far. Love the trench and wedged sneakers. She jetted off to the US on February 19 for a shoot and was snapped… Continue reading

lee min ho is dandy for tngt s/s 2015

Lee Min Ho churns out another brand campaign with TNGT and I’m grateful the styling is fairly simple and minimalist. And yes, his hair is combed up slickly – a look that I… Continue reading

punch ends with a gut-wrenching punch

Punch is probably one of the better written dramas I have watched in a long time – morbidly so. The characters were fascinating and flawed beyond belief – but that’s how humans are,… Continue reading

shinee’s min ho slams in a goal

Talking about athletic idols,I forgot to mention Min Ho from Shinee who is insanely competitive when it comes to sports. He scored a goal during the futsal competition in the idol championships with… Continue reading

woo hyun@idol star athletics championship 2015

I’m not sure whether Woo Hyun took part or he was just there to cheer on his group-mates. But it’s nice to see him around since Infinite has been focusing quite a bit… Continue reading

kim so hyun hangs out with block b

Teenage actress Kim So Hyun gets close to idol group Block B for a shoot in First Look magazine. She has been raking in the endorsements and I believe she is one of… Continue reading